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AGROTRADE Group trains professional staff for Ukrainian Agroindustry


Ukrainian vertically integrated agro-industrial holding AGROTRADE implements one of the first in the area comprehensive program of forming external personnel reserve

The goal of the program is to prepare perspective students of economic and agrarian universities for work at Group’s agro-industrial and grain processing enterprises, as well as in the Head Office.

This program is strategic by nature and involves several stages. The first stage is collaboration with Kharkiv National University of Economics (KhNUE). Since December students of the Faculty of International Economic Relations have been undertaking an internship and training in the company.

Andriy But, a candidate for master's degree at Kharkiv National University of Economics, speciality “Foreign Trade Management: “I work on probation in Commercial Department under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department. I do well in my studies at the university, but my knowledge is superficial. Here everything is learned in practice: the complicated paperwork, negotiations with customers and partners. I want to work in this area, in this company, so I exert maximum effort”.

A start of training program for senior students of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit in AGROTRADE Head Office in cooperation with KhNUE is scheduled for April 2011.

Among the plans of AGROTRADE Group for 2011 are scholarship programs for perspective students of several agricultural universities and universities of food technologies. The main support will be provided for students from regions which will return to work at enterprises in Poltava, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Luhansk regions.

AGROTRADE Director of Human Resource and Public Relations Department Oleksandra Saienko: "There is an acute shortage of highly qualified specialists on the labour market. The level of knowledge and skills of applicants often leaves much to be desired. The Head Company first of all needs economists, financiers, Foreign Trade managers and lawyers. Holding production enterprises need agronomists, technologists and directors. A lack of qualified young professionals is a common problem in this area. Therefore, we developed a comprehensive program of preparing specialists not only for our businesses, but also for the whole Ukrainian agroindustry”.

Agrotrade Group, 2009