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Corporate News

AGROTRADE Group informs about the performance in 2010


According to the results of trading activity AGROTRADE became one of the Top 10 Ukrainian grain exporters. In the 2009-2010 marketing year export of 600,000 tons of grain amounted to $91’830’931,84, that makes 90% of sales. Another 10% of trade turnover made supplies within Ukraine.

In addition, the transition to the new delivery terms – CIF – will expand the markets. To the countries with which AGROTRADE trades, have joined Italy, Libya, Syria, and Lebanon. Also in 2010, the Group opened four new trade representations in Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Mykolaiv and Odessa regions.

In modernization of production in its elevators AGROTRADE invested 6.8 million UAH. Investments in gasification of existing and new construction, and expansion of storage capacity in the enterprise "Doch-Khlib" (Chernihiv region) totaled 6 million UAH. Work on gasification was launched also on Vodianske GCS.

To improve the quality of grain processing and automation of production in 2010, the Group equipped production and technical laboratories of enterprises with seven protein analyzers at the cost of about 300.000 UAH and six analyzers of starch-splitting activity worth about 120.000 UAH.

For the purpose of automation and effectiveness increase automated sampler worth 120.000 UAH was installed at Blyzniukivskyi CPF, automatic weight in the value of 150.000 UAH at Khorolskyi CPF. Grain-cleaning machines worth about 100.000 UAH have been purchased for two enterprises of the Group.

Strategic objectives are systematically put into execution in the agro-industrial enterprises. In 2010, the total area of land bank of AGROTRADE Group has increased by 8.000 ha in Sumy and Kharkiv regions to 40.000 ha.

Production of grain seeds and oilseeds is also segregated in the strategic direction. Thirdly, the enterprise of the Group has been certified to produce reproductive seeds. Sown area has been doubled and makes up 3.000 ha.

The increase of seed production in 2010 allowed not only to provide its own enterprises with quality seeds, but also to start seed trading in Ukraine and abroad. The first batch of barley seeds in the amount of 600 tons was delivered to Russia.

Agrotrade Group, 2009