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Corporate News

In 2011 the AGROTRADE Group will invest 77 mln hrn in the expansion of elevator capacities


For the construction of the elevator complex in Chernihiv region the land was purchased and preparatory works are in process to start the project planning. The complex will simultaneously receive and process two cultures and will manage to ensure drying of 1400 tons of grain per day. The complex will be equipped with two loading units for vehicles and railway transport that will allow to load at least 700 tons of grain per day. Purchase of modern equipment of Ukrainian and foreign manufactures will provide full automation of business processes. The cost of the construction of the complex will be 64 million. The new enterprise will be the most technology intensive elevator in Chernihiv region and provide 80 people with employment.

The investment plans of the Agrotrade group for 2011 contain an installation of gas service and upgrading of two cereal receiving station (CRS) in Kharkov region. In Vodyansky and Kolomaksky CRS a gas pipeline will be conducted to the existing grain dryers and new dryers MS1195 will be installed by production of Mathews Company with reserve capacity for temporary storage of wet grain with a capacity of 600 tons, grain cleaning and transport equipment. Total costs of the projects will be 12.8 million.

Investments in storage capacity for wet grain and expansion of the drying capacities will allow to reduce vehicle downtime when receiving grain. Usage of natural gas instead of diesel gas oil and usage of the equipment with higher efficiency will reduce the outgoings for grain drying.

Along with the placement into service of a new elevator complex and upgrading of existing CRS, the grain storage capacities of the AGROTRADE Group will increase to 580 tons.

Agrotrade Group, 2009