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Corporate News

The enterprise of the AGROTRADE Group "SK-Agro" sponsored football team "Agrotrade-Lime Valley" of the Lypovodolynsky district


The Lypovodolynsky local football team obtained a powerful sponsor that helps the team to resolve all financial issues. It is a well known, one of the largest enterprises in Sumsky region LLC "SK-Agro", which belongs to the agroindustrial group of the AGROTRADE.

Guests of honour visited the ceremonial presentation of the new team form: the chairman of the Lypovodolynska local state administration I.G. Magnush, director of the AGROTRADE from Kharkiv and honourable President of the "Agrotrade-Lime Valley" football team M.A. Grinchenko and the head of LLC "SK-AGRO" S.M. Zhamardiy. The Head of the district and the guests along with the Head of the Youth and Sports of the local state administration, the coach M.M. Klius discussed the future playing of the "Agrotrade-Lime Valley" team for the Cup championship of Sumsky region, 2011.

Nikolai Klius, the coach of the team: "Our team is young, we are playing in the championship for only two years. But we will do everything to justify the trust of our fans and sponsor and will be as advanced in sports as AGROTRADE in agricultural sector".

Agrotrade Group, 2009