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The AGROTRADE Group held the first German-Ukrainian Agricultural Business Forum


More than 100 farmers, suppliers of equipment, bankers and officials were gathered in Kharkiv on June, 18 during the first German-Ukrainian agro-industrial forum AgroInternational 2011, each agrarian of Kharkiv region interested in German-Ukrainian cooperation could participate in it free of charge.

The inauguration was attended by the chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Mykhailo Dobkin, Head of the Kharkiv regional council Sergey Chernov, Consul-General of Federal Republic of Germany in Donetsk Mr. Klaus Tsillikens and Consul-General of Poland Republic in Kharkiv Mr. Jan Granat.

Interest in cooperation and dialogue was revealed by both sides of participants: as the heads of the region agro companies as the representatives of German companies and banks. Ukrainian economies are attractive and perspective outlet for the German producers of equipment and local leaders took the advantage of the opportunity to discuss with them all the features of the usage of such equipment.

Oleksandra Saienko, the initiator of the forum, the AGROTRADE Group:"The main idea of the forum is to create a forum convenient for negotiations, business contacts exchange. Everybody is in the same place at the same time can communicate and plan future cooperation. But, of course, they need assistance in the form of investments and loans. Therefore we invited German banks as well".

Forum participants cleared out the existing ways of financing and the opportunities to attract investments in the sector. Representatives of the German banks talked on the possibilities for obtaining long-term loans and investments in agriculture in Ukraine.

Agrotrade Group, 2009